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Cool Bed For Kids

Cool Bed For Kids

Kids have different requirements than adults but they too need a cozy, relaxing space in which they can sleep safely. Various kind of beds are designed to keep up with the growing requirements and demands of the kids and their parents. Kids are interested in superheroes, Barbie dolls, toys and cartoons. Their tastes must reflect in their bed designs so that they can consider their bed fascinating.

Trendiest bed for kids

Some things must be kept in mind like the fact that kids beds must not have any sharp corners and the bed design should be suitable for the age group of the kid.

Toddlers Bed

Toddlers bed is basically for new born baby to the kids under the age of 2. There are several variants of Toddlers bed also known as crib. From convertible to safety railing adjustments, new modifications are made every day. It must be kept in mind that they aren’t too high from the ground.

Single beds

For kids above 2 yrs. of age, single beds also known as twin bed is a great option. These beds are miniature version of standard beds for kids. From funky to cool, multiple designs are available and you can even color coordinate your kid’s bed. If you have two kids in the house, you can add a partition between the single beds.

Bunk/Loft bed

Bunk beds are the favorite of kids

Bunk beds are two beds vertically stacked over one another and a ladder to reach the upper one. Loft beds don’t have a lower bed but the space can be used for a study table or something. There are lots of shapes, designs, colors and styles that these beds offer.

Themed beds

Themed beds are best bet if you are decorating kid’s bedroom according to his favorite theme. There are themed beds in various styles, designs and finishes. Even furniture based on theme are also available. Cars bed is the most popular theme along with themes like batman and harry potter.

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