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brazilian cherry hardwood flooring

brazilian cherry hardwood flooring

As a home owner, or a future home owner, you must be aware of the fact that your house’s floors make the biggest difference on how your abode’s total outlook is like. Whether you opt for lava tiles or rustic wooden flooring, this choice alone can ultimately determine which vibe your house gives off. So, depending on how you want your house to look like, pick carefully from the huge selection of available and present flooring choices. Possibly one of the classiest and most sophisticated choices you can make,¬†brazilian cherry hardwood flooring are a choice that will transform your abode into royalty immediately. Especially if you choose to laminate your floors, this choice is a stellar one that you will never regret. Furthermore, here are some A-class suggestions on what to pair with this kind of flooring option:

Contemporary Furniture

As much as you may like rustic furniture, it will never match your neat cherry floors so opt for modern and contemporary furniture options preferably in a shade that is close to the hardwood shade and make sure you don’t overcrowd your home with too much furniture. Or else, the charm of the flooring will vanish under the many legs, arms and upholstery of the furniture.

Kitchen Marble Counter Tops 

Of course, your cherry hardwood flooring will inch over all the way to the kitchen so make sure you compliment the beautiful shades of cherry with white marble counter tops. Of course you don’t want to opt for plain white marble counter tops but instead ones that have a splash of black here and there to seamlessly bring everything together in the best fashion.

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