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cream colored kitchen cabinets

cream colored kitchen cabinets

Breaking stereotypes is something that only a few people love to do. While others like to stick with the basic staples of society, if you like to stray away from the ordinary; this post is for you. Bringing in oneness and a touch of uniqueness in your life starts with your very humble abode. Making the necessary changes to your home will give you and your abode the ambiance and impression of independence and exclusiveness that you need. Starting with the color scheme of the most important part of your house. No, not your lounge or living room! But instead your kitchen. Your kitchen’s color scheme is the most important thing that will make your whole house look different and special. Opting for cream colored kitchen cabinets instead of the usual white can help in many different ways and here’s some of them:

Enlarging Your Design Space

Using cream colored cabinets instead of white can help enlarge the number of colors you can incorporate in your kitchen. Since the cream shade has its own set of unique characteristics, you can install a kitchen island in a warm brown shade, opt for a dark brown flooring scheme. The choice is yours and there are plenty of choices to select from.

Not As Vulnerable to Dust 

It is no secret that the color white is very vulnerable to dust and stains and whatnot. People who own white cabinets usually have to repaint them every once in a while and clean them in certain ways so as they can retain their white clean appearance. But that is not the case with cream colored cabinets for they are way more resilient to dust and stains.

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