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crib with changing table and drawers

crib with changing table and drawers

The first thing you buy for your baby’s room is a crib with changing table and drawers. This is the most important furniture item for her room and a very practical, too. This is going to be the comfiest and enjoyable bed for your baby in his early months. So, you need to be careful about a few things when you come to set it for your baby.

Level of Comfort

Whether it is winter or summer when your baby is going to arrive, you need to provide her with the right comfy bedding in the crib. There must be a blanket ready for added warmth in case it gets cold on summer nights. She won’t need a pillow as it is not safe to supply her with a pillow though small.

Extra Sheets 

Your baby needs an ample supply of sheets to keep her crib always dry and spotless. The best fabric is cotton and flannel. Some mix fabrics would also be fine if the cotton is more than the synthetic yarn. Cotton remains cool and comfy for the baby in every season. It is safe for her delicate skin, too. Keep the supply of extra sheets in the lowest drawer of the crib. Here they remain handy for any time you need them.

Ample Storage

The available storage is good for keeping all the baby skin care products, diapers, a few items of clothing, and other necessities for the baby. Arrange the drawers wisely so that you have everything you need easily approachable.

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