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exterior christmas decorating ideas

exterior christmas decorating ideas

Christmas is that time of the year where you can be as extra as you want and no one can ever tell you off about it. It is the season and holiday of festive, cheer, happiness, jolliness….you name it! So why not make the best use of this holiday time and make sure you transform your house to an actual wonderland of beauty and elegance. There are many ways of decorating the interior of your home. From placing little decoration objects everywhere to tinsel and mistletoe on every pointy thing you can hang something on. But when it comes to exterior christmas decorating ideas you have to get way more innovative. The reason being that you have way more space and opportunity when it comes to your outdoors so go ahead and check out these ideas before you get all creative on your own.

Yellow Lights Theme

Many people like to use colored lights on Christmas outside their house but there is a certain charm with an all yellow outdoors theme. Generously drape yellow strings of light everywhere on the outside of your house. Don’t forget to put some on the fencing and walls of your lawn too. Nothing is left unlit.

Shapes of Light

Instead of choosing the cliche and overused type of exterior decor that is with string of lights why not opt for balls of light. Or maybe different objects shaped like balls, reindeers, sleds, stockings…etc. This kind of lighting decoration will definitely make your house stand out the most in the neighborhood. It would also help if you went innovative with the light colors.

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