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exterior house colors combinations

exterior house colors combinations

Painting your house on the inside sure must be a fun job that you want to do with your kids or partner. You hear about this kind of activity all the time! Repainting the kitchen cabinets or the bedroom…maybe even the living room’s 4 walls. But no one ever speaks that much about painting the outside of your house which is just as important and effective in creating the best impression of your house. There are lots of ways in which you can paint your house but you should be paying the most attention to which exterior house colors combinations you should be opting for. The list is long and varies depending on many factors but here are some to get your creative juices flowing.

White & Light Yellow

Perfect for spring and summer time, make sure the base of your house’s exterior wall is white and tastefully paint yellow on some sections to create a wonderful swirl of colors. If you want to add a real defining highlight, go for blue tinted windows and a white picket fence.

Black and White

You can never go wrong with this classy combo of colors that fit in every season and for every home. Whether you want your window frames and doors to be black and the rest white or vice versa, you can get real creative with this combo and the best thing is that the result is same…perfect!


A unique and not frequently used shade can be combined with practically any other shade ranging from browns to yellows to whites! Take your pick!

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