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Touch Lamps Ideas

Touch Lamps Ideas

This lamp work with human touch without any kind of flip, pushbutton or other mechanical switch. These lamps works with the body capacitance and the brightness of these lamps are adjusted by multiple touches after maximum brightness one more touch of the lamp.

Principle of touch lamps:

These lamps works with the principle of capacitance. These lamps works through human body capacitance.

Main component of these lamps:                                                                   

  • A metal antenna – metal shell of the lamp is the antenna
  • Memory bit – their function is to remember whether the lamp is supposed to stay on or off.
  • High current switch – the lamp has one big transistor in it which controls the light of thes bulb. This electronic switch can withstand dangerous amounts of voltage. It can pass several amperes of current through itself when turned on.
  • Silicon chip – all wires, transistors and insulators are formed on the silicon

Importance of these lamps:

These lamps are very useful in today life because of its safeness. They are highly safe and current resistance they never give any any of shock they are safer for children they are also used when your hand are wet they never gives you shock.

Cost of these lamps:

These lamps are not so much costly but little bit higher price in accordance of simple lamps.

How choose best sensitive lamp for home:

This is simple you remember interior and design of your room in which you placed your touch lamp. choose the lamp which match from home interiors size of lamp depends on you. If you buy lamp for decoration then its size is large and medium or may be small but if you buy study lamp its size is always small and matching your table so the size of the lamp changing with different buying purpose. Lamp base are made up of metal, wood, plastic etc.

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