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Master Bedroom Simple Decoration Ideas

Master Bedroom Simple Decoration Ideas

Bedroom is a personal space and everyone wants to have their personality reflected in their Bedroom decoration and there are thousands of ideas to add that zing to your bedroom that will reflect your personality. Bedroom is a place that reflects your thoughts so let’s discuss some of the bedroom decoration ideas that will help you leave your mark on your bedroom.


Wallpapers have been used since ages to bring liveliness to your bedroom walls and they still are a good option. Wallpapers come in different textures and styles and are usually not that hard to put up. Vinyl and Embossed wallpapers are more common and easier to put up. You can choose the print according to the vibe you want to give to the bedroom and to complement bedroom furniture.

Art Display on Wall

Art is the best way to reflect your personality in your bedroom. You can hang your favorite art piece above your Headboard or in the front wall. You can even put your entire art collection on a side wall from the crown board to base.

Mirror on the wall

Mirrors open up a place and give the illusion of extra space. So, add a mirror to your humble abode. Be it either attached to the dresser or cupboard or a unique antique or modern piece you have acquired.

Experimenting with Headboards

These days you can get custom made headboards which can go with your tastes. Now a day there are even fixed headboards. So, from wacky to cool, let your headboard do the talk.

Use curtains

You can use your favorite material as curtains and put them on all the windows and even dresser and cupboards to give a unified feel to the whole bedroom. Be a little adventurous and go with colors like Purple and Maroon or pastels.

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