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Cool Platform Bed Frames

Cool Platform Bed Frames

In modern family platform bed, frames are the most sorted after ones. With the growing demand for lower level bed frames, platform beds give the correct height with the best designs. More commonly called as ‘cabin beds’, platform bed frames are an economic substitute to the ancient spring beds. These bed frames are about two inches high from the ground and have narrow rows of wood as the base support to the mattress. However, when buying platform bed frames one might suggest that the higher spring supports give more comfort. Nothing could be further away from the truth.

With the latest development of mattress designs, platform bed frames are considered best suited for them. Platform bed frames give proper grip to hold your mattresses in place. These bed frames keep up a low height and add up to the good looks of your room. Platform bed frames can found in several varieties. Ranging from a low profile, simple framework to ones with high designs, you get it all for a very affordable price. One great feature of the platform bed frames is that they avoid being very thick. This provides a significant place beneath the bed to keep extra things. We can also add boxes into our platform bed frame design. It helps decrease the visual space occupied by our commodities and thereby makes the room look large.

However, even with all these prose, the platform bed frames have few negative points also. Most of the platform bed frames made today lack a proper construction finesse. The bed frames are less likely to last for more than a couple of years unless well maintained. This adds up to the hectic of the platform bed frame buyers. Most companies offer low-quality bed frames which although seem like platform bed frames but do not give satisfactory comfort. Some good companies to buy platform bed frames would include Modoc and Wade Logan. These companies offer platform beds with durable frames and a good finish at a very low price. All said and done, platform bed frames sure give a promising view to the future of home beds.

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