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pink and grey curtains for nursery

pink and grey curtains for nursery

Decorating a nursery is way more fun than decorating any other part of your home. There is so much more options, styles, designs and decor options to choose from and you will never find it boring in the least bit. From the colors of the wall to the type of lighting to install, there are so many things to keep in consideration. And more than anything, you will never find the job boring because it is after all for your little one and it is obviously terrific fun! One of the most important and significant parts of your nursery is the curtains. Since you will most definitely have windows in there for ventilation, your curtains must create a wonderful statement and compliment your nursery to the maximum. Opt for light and friendly colors like pink and grey curtains for nursery.

Sheer Pink Curtains with Grey Patterns

Sheer curtains are a top favorite of many to-be-parents. The sheerness is not too heavy to keep out the light and also creates an air of delicateness and gentleness. Of course in winters you need to get heavier and thicker curtains because these are the best for summertime.

Lace Curtains

Another great choice just like sheer curtains, these come in multiple variations. From short, tiny ones for the small windows and sweeping floor length ones that are surely the best thing you can select for a nursery. The choice is yours and the choices are plenty in number. Choose according to your window size and overall decor plan of your nursery.

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