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purple and black bathroom sets

purple and black bathroom sets

Color coding your house is possibly the best part about interior decor and many home owners enjoy playing with different colors till they find the best fit. There are undeniably a huge variety of colors you can choose from but when it comes to your bathrooms, you must pick out the right shades. Selecting the right colors gives you an opportunity to create a certain aesthetic for your bathroom. For example as some home owners, pick an overall white aesthetic you can go ahead and choose purple and black. Different, unique and highly appealing purple and black bathroom sets are one of the most complimentary pair of colors you can incorporate in your house. Here are some ideas for you to figure out how exactly to incorporate these two shades in your bathroom:

Purple Rugs, Black Furniture

Rugs or mats are a necessity in the bathroom from the aesthetic and necessary point of view. As you step out of the bath, you need to place your feet on an absorbent mat to soak up all the access water. If you want to add furniture in your bathroom, then opt for a small black chest of drawers or a black bathroom vanity.

Black Shower Curtain, Purple Towels

Towels are also a wonderful way for you to set the mood while also keep up your aesthetic. Hang some fluffy purple towels on your rack and opt for a black shower curtain to skirt the edges of your shower cubicle/bathtub. The shower curtain can also feature some purple detail here and there to even out the color balance.

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