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black and white painting ideas

black and white painting ideas

Artists find it fairly hard to get inspiration for their work. They sometimes feel the need and desire to sketch, paint or draw but they seem to have no idea where to start. There are multiple different ways for you to gain inspiration and start putting your art onto a piece of canvas. Some people like to listen to music or sit in a scenic spot to trigger their artistic senses. But the bigger majority of artists state that seeing and checking out other artists’ work helps them get inspired enough to make their own art. So if that is the case with you and you are searching for inspiration, check out these black and white painting ideas that will surely give you a mental boost.

Start With a Black Canvas

Black and white paintings do not necessarily mean that you have to start off on a white canvas, you might as well go innovative and paint your canvas black to start with. Black canvases are even sold at stationer and art supply stores. They turn your world of painting around!

Blurry Background

Creating a blurry background on your canvas before you can paint or draw anything is an innovative method of creating a new stylish dimension to your painting. Instead of opting for the simple, plain kind of canvas, go creative with your white paint and smudge it in one motion across your canvas. Add black paint as highlights in certain places to increase the blurry look. Happy painting!

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